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the problem

Each year until 2030, the date set by the United Nations (UN) for their completion, the 17 SDGs will claim between $5-7 trillion in funding.
UN has already warned: the financing gap is $2.5 trillion per year.
SDGs accomplishment concerns nor only nonprofits (associations, NGOs) but also for-profit businesses (typically companies) and individuals. In order to back pressure the financial difficulties mentioned above, some of these stakeholders are already sharing knowledge and time.
Unfortunately this is not optimal.



Nonprofits (associations as well as NGOs) are in a competition generated by the financial scarcity they encounter: every day they have to fight to make their skill needs known and meet the service offer. For this, they are generally obliged to rely on word of mouth and informal networks, or at best on jobboard-type platforms.


Too often skills sponsorship is done at a small scale, with only a few employees. While at the same time, young talents ask for more commitment from their employers. Identifying missions, matching them with the collaborators expertise and availability, ensuring their follow-up and finally their reporting: four essential steps for effective and impactful skills sponsorship at large scale.


2/3 of the population aged 15 and over are no longer or have never been volunteers; but 85% of them do not exclude the prospect of becoming or re-becoming a volunteer. In the same time, volunteering is evolving: old forms of commitment, based on long term relationship between nonprofits and volunteers, is progressively being replaced by concepts like ‘micro-volunteering’.

what we do 🚀

exalti is a digital platform through which associations and NGOs (nonprofits) but also companies can publish their requests for mutual assistance in carrying out activities with a social, societal or environmental impact.
These actors, with the help of individuals, can lend their time and expertise to others to meet the proposed challenges.

let’s introduce the exalto:

one asset to rule them all

An exalto materializes in a digital and decentralized way a few hours of loan of time and expertise by a person:
- whether she/he belongs to a nonprofits or a company, or participate in their individual capacity;
- and regardless of her/his level of experience or skill.

are you a financial donor?


A payment made by a financial donor on the platform generates the creation of the number of exalto corresponding to the amount paid.


These exalto are then put by their donor for the benefit of a nonprofits of their choice; it can therefore exchange it for hours of services from other nonprofits, companies or individuals.


By thus participating in the financing of the collaboration, the financial donor is therefore a full player in the platform.



Nonprofits wishing to make up for their lack of funding:

✔️ exchange time and expertise with others nonprofits

✔️ access to competences offered by individuals or companies

✔️ benefit from accounting valuation of volunteering

✔️ get assistance in measuring the impact of their action


Companies can setup large-scale and cost-controlled skills sponsorship program that can:

✔️ be straightforwardly auditable and whose impact can be easily measured

✔️ highlight new opportunities or be used to communicate

✔️ help in employee engagement leveraging (recruitment, loyalty, training)


Indivuals who want to get involved (through volunteering) in the causes closed to their heart benefit from:

✔️ easy enrollment that opens the doors to micro-volunteering for them

✔️ ongoing commitment by carrying out missions in a professional and personal context

financial donors

Transparency through traceability and proof of impact for financial donors are completed by:

✔️ the ease of cross-border action

✔️ access to collective impact through collaboration with other donors

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